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Looking for an unbiased Bids That Give Review? My name is Chris Farcher and I want you to know that I am going to break down the Bids That Give company for you so you can understand exactly what the benefits could be and the risks are of joining this business. I personally have not joined yet, and still am contemplating the possible rewards versus the consequences of taking part in this business venture. Throughout this bids that give review I will be helping you decide whether you are missing the next piece to this internet marketing puzzle or if you should run for the hills, saving yourself both time and money!

bids that give review

Bids That Give is a company run by the CEO Randy Jeffers. The basis of the business is to provide people with entertainment shopping through a newly popular niche called the Penny Auctions. Combined with this entertainment shopping they are also announcing that every bid spent or given away is going to help underprivileged kids. This company truly has two portions of its business model, one being directed towards customers and the other towards the affiliates. Affiliates will have the job of advertising for the company which helps to bring in new customers that spend money on the penny auctions. Depending on the amount of revenue the company makes per day will depend on how much money the affiliates generate daily. I am going to break down the benefits and the flaws of the company & then go into more detail about how things are actually ran.


#1: Bids That Give is copying a company called Zeek Rewards and they are making small adjustments. Zeek Rewards is the #1 fastest growing mlm in the world and has actually broken just about every direct selling record in the industry. With Bids That Give trying to follow in its footsteps you have the potential to get involved with a company at the start meaning you could financially benefits greatly!

#2: The daily work is very simple. You will need to only copy,paste and submit one ad a day to earn from the pool. This will allow you to focus on your primary job while making an additional income stream through the Bids That Give company.

#3: If your already a Zeek Rewards member you might have a team of affiliates and you also know what to expect as this business model is mimicking them almost to the “T”. This will allow you to understand what to expect and also possible swap your Zeek Rewards team into Bids That Give which could be a huge payoff.

Bids That Give Review | FLAWS OF THE COMPANY

In my opinion these are the three main benefits of joining bids that give. The people that take a risk and get involved with a company from the beginning have the potential to reap the biggest rewards. Imagine if Bids That Give becomes as popular as Zeek Rewards in a year or two and you were one of the first people involved building a team. You may potentially have hundreds of thousands of people in your downline simply because of the rapid growth this company could experience. As we continue this bids that give review I want to also get into the flaws and risks though as I do believe you should take a look at everything equally.

#1: Randy Jeffers has an absolutely terrible track record. His telecommunication business was shut down, WoW Mobile was shut down and Liberty Freedom was also closed down on him. This man either has very bad luck or just does bad business. Getting involved with him is a huge red flag in my opinion so understand the management before joining.

#2: Mimicking a company is great as you may be able to avoid a lot of the hicups that the other company experienced as you know what to expect. But the problem is that you need to make sure you business is different enough and that you stay out of legal trouble. Bids That Give runs the risk of getting itself into trouble in this avenue.

#3: Bids That Give in my opinion is already not being compliant and using sly wording. Saying things such as that they are not an MLM and using a profit sharing pool is just asking for trouble. Companies don’t share profits nor should they announce it.

#4: Any company that is just starting has the biggest risk of shutting down in a month or two. Things may not be as easy as the management planned and they might decide to take the money they have and close the shop. If this happens a lot of people will be fighting for refund checks which Randy Jeffers is very use to.

bids that give review

Okay so far in the bids that give review we have went over the basic benefits and flaws of joining this company. I would like to now start to explain exactly how bids that give works and what exactly is involved if you did decide to join.

*Free Affiliate: CANT EARN FROM POOL!

*Contributor: 20 subscription bids for $10 each month

*Guardian: 100 subscription bids for $50 each month

*Benefactor: 200 subscription bids for $100 each month

*Global Ambassador: 500 subscription bids for $250 each month

At this time we don’t have all the exact details so I will wait to update this Bids That Give Review so that you can have all the exact information about this company. At this time the launch date is set for 7/27/2012 but it the company has put the breaks on two previous times.

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Dinesh July 24, 2012 at 4:13 am

M agree with u


Joshua KzD Wyatt July 29, 2012 at 11:35 am

How is this a mlm
Company then?
Because I was told there is no recruiting requirements.

Joshua KzD Wyatt


farshay August 3, 2012 at 2:52 pm

As of right now they are not multi-level so no one gets spill over or a forced matrix. It is somewhat like Empower Network because they are a straight line sort of speak


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